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Life Hammer – A Must Have Tool For Everyone

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Update time : 2017-07-12 17:52:55
Life Hammer – A Must Have Tool For Everyone
A life hammer is also known as safety hammer. As the name describes this Safety Hammer is used in emergency to break a glass window in car or building. A life hammer a must have tool for any emergency in any public transport. This is the small device used to save the life weather on land or in water.
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The Safety Hammer is a small tool and generally kept in car, bus, and train to help the passengers in any emergency for escape. This tool is so small that even it can keep under the seat but is strong to break the glass.  This hammer is also has a cutting blade on the other side to cut the seat belts. The handle of this device is of plastic and the tip is of steel. To keep a Life Hammer is making a big difference between life and death. For the personal vehicle the emergency survival kit is available and a life hammer is also included with it. This hammer is quite handy and can be easy for use during mechanical breakdown or any accident. In many cases, passengers are died because of they were not able to break the glass or cut the seat belt. At this time this hammer is really helpful. If the vehicle is fall in the water, at that time all the electric system is failed out. In such cases this Escape Hammer is complete the value of life.
List out the Safety Features of Life Hammer
  • For high Visibility and for quick recognition, the bright orange color is applied
  • Light weight as well as used little space
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Double sided head with sharp steel points
  • High quality blade is used
  • One side is used for cutting the seat belt
  • Other side is used for breaking the window
Keep in Mind following Points while Selecting Safety Hammer
  • Escape Hammer is most comfortable and of proper size as well as weight
  • Must sure that the head of the hammer is tightly attached to the handle
  • Hammer with a handpicked handle which protects from vibration, impact as well as perfect grip
  • Easily replace cracked, loose or splintered handle
  • During using the hammer, try to wear glasses or goggles
  • Try to maintain secure balance while using Life Hammer
  • Never use the escape hammer with loose or damaged handle
While using the Life Hammer, follow this sequence: Locate, Release, smash, shield and escape.