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LED Road Flares - The Smart Option for Any Road Emergency

LED Road Flares - The Smart Option for Any Road Emergency
Now days, the old fashioned flares are replaced with LED Road Flares. LED road flares are the emergency safety lights. They can be used anywhere like in snow, rain and in any season. They are self-consuming so no need to reenter into the danger zone. LED Road Flare is the great combination of LEDs. LED road flares are also chargeable as per the necessity. These LED road flares are more popular among the consumers and offer good cost for energy needs. They are the ideal safety signal.  The LED Flares 6 Pack is available on demand. The kit of 6 LED road flares available which is a durable transport case that stores the flares as well as keeps them charged as per the need. This kit can be plugged into 120 V of electrical socket as well as 12 V vehicle power. The LED road flares are available in different colors like red, green, blue as well as amber.
Rechargeable Led Road FlaresRechargeable Led Road Flares 6 PackRechargeable Blue Led Road Flares 6 Pack
Applications of LED Road Flares:
  • Underwater repairing
  • In identifying road hazards and used for signaling
  • Used in vehicle emergencies
  • Used as lantern in case of power failure
  • At the construction site
  • In Marine applications for boater emergency safety
  • Placed on any magnetic surface
  • On highways on regular basis or as emergency highway flares
Advantages of LED Road Flares:
  • Water proof up to the depth of 100 feet
  • Visibility is too good: in day light it is 300 yards and in night it is up to 1 mile
  • For air traffic landing zone LED Road Flares are the perfect because in air the visibility is up to 10 mile
  • Enormously durable
  • LED Road Flares gives 360 degree coverage
  • The LED Life is more than 10,000 hours
  • 100 hours of continuous light
  • 10 year of shelf life
  • Lithium battery is replaceable
  • Environment friendly
  • Safe, secure, renewable as well as reusable

LED Road Flares are offered great visibility as well as almost crush proof. The durability and the best performance LED road flares are used by fire fighters, police, rescue service officers, as well as many first responder crews and the general public used them in their transport vehicles. The affordable price of these LED road flares makes them more preferable by the average person. They are easy to carry. The LED Road Flares 6 Packs are also available.