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Single Pack Led Road Flares
Led Road Flares is an Ideal for Automobile Emergency and Safety Kit
When you’re driving on the road, it is essential to keep in mind that anything can happen to you as well as your vehicle anytime. You car could crash, you may get a flat tire, you could even face a mishap or come over someone. You can handle these situations successfully only when you are well prepared. One best thing you can do to handle such situation is have anemergency kit in your vehicle. They generally contain LED flares , road cones waterproof matches, flashlights and emergency light sources. 
There’re, of course, several uses of an emergency light supply in your car, particularly if you’re in an accident, have a flat tire, ofif your car malfunction. As far as emergency lights are concerned, most experts suggest having a LED light supply in your vehicle since they produce better light than conventional emergency light source. 

16 Led Road Flares Rechargeable
1.Led road flares with 9 flash modes
2.CR123 battery+magnet base
3.16pcs super bright led
4.Amber/black/green/yellow/red/green color/black optional